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1.  Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT) Facts & Impacts (.docx version)

This document was researched and written by Save Birch Bay.  Save Birch Bay is a non-partisan, non-profit, group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time and resources to inform their communities regarding the facts and impacts of the proposed GPT.  Contents contain facts and potential impacts of the proposed coal terminal project, including supporting information in pages taken from the GPT Project Application, for the following categories: Coal Stockpiles, Water, Coal Trains, Ferndale Schools, Coal Ships, Health Impacts, Economic Impacts, Impacts to BP, Fire/Emergency Services Impacts, and Other Communities.

We also have a one page (front and back) information sheet that contains vital facts from the notebook of information above.  It is a great assemblage of facts obtained primarily from the GPT Project Application documents and potential adverse impacts from GPT that you can keep with you, or use to share with family, friends, neighbors, and groups to help make sure they are informed about this huge project in Whatcom County.  Click on the document image below for a printable PDF version.gpt facts and impacts for coal stop

Got References? Yes, we have.  For a list of sources for information contained in the full length notebook and the information sheet above that you can use to delve into further detail about GPT Facts and Impacts, please click these links:

Info sheet:


Trouble viewing or downloading the .docx version of the full length notebook? Fill in the form below and an .htm version of this document can be emailed to you.  Just fill in your name, email address, and “Email me the .htm version” in the comment field.  Although all text, photos, and scanned pages in the .htm version should be fully readable in your computer’s browser window, some of the original text formatting will be lost and some portions will probably not be suitable for printing.

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