Not Jensen: A good reason to vote for newcomer Bobby Briscoe for Port of Bellingham Commissioner

thanks to our supporters gptOctober 12, 2015  Dena Jensen

My opinion: Port of Bellingham Commissioner candidate Gary Jensen has proven he cannot be trusted to take care of the health and well-being of our region with integrity.  Vote for Bobby Briscoe to give him a chance to prove he can.

To help out you voters who may be undecided on which candidate for Port of Bellingham Commissioner to cast your vote for, I would like to assist your candidate research by offering a page full of Coal Stop articles related to the Gateway Pacific Terminal that I feel reflect quite poorly on the record of candidate for Port of Bellingham Commissioner and current Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen.  Click the link to go to a list of articles where Gary Jensen and the toxic-product path of the proposed 48 million ton coal terminal intersect:

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  1. Thank you for bringing together these archived posts on this the Port Commission race. This race is primarily about the future of the Port- do we continue on a trajectory of real-estate speculation, or do we return to the roots of the Port in maritime trades and maritime commerce? Bobby Briscoe knows what we need to do to bring the Port back to its natural mission, which is maritime trades and maritime commerce pursued in a sustainable manner.

    While the issue of the coal project (GPT) is only peripheral to the Port of Bellingham, the coal issue has cast a harsh and bright light on Gary Jensen’s pattern of massive bad judgement.

    Gary Jensen is the greatest volunteer cheerleader and promoter for the coal project in the County, bar none. It is scary to think of a Port Commissioner endowed with such poor judgement and obliviousness to the wishes and interests of the broader community, or so immune to consideration of new facts.

    Abe Jacobson

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